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Revit Model into InfraWorks (3:11 min)

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Prior to bringing in the model:

Import point cloud data. You can use that data to generate terrain and extract features in your model.

Revit to InfraWorks: Specify the Geographic Location:

a.Define where the Revit model is located in the physical world.

b.The latitude and longitude values that you define for the project location are applied to the survey point in the Revit model, and are used to position the geometry when the model is imported to InfraWorks.

Create a 3D View for Import to InfraWorks:

a.Create a custom 3D view for transferring geometry to InfraWorks.

b.By default, InfraWorks looks for a Revit view to import in the following order: 

i. A view named with a prefix “navis”, such as “navis-importview”.

ii.    The default 3D view, named {3D}.

iii.      The last opened 3D view.


Importing a Revit model into InfraWorks:

Bring a Revit model into InfraWorks as a file data sources.

In InfraWorks, select he InfraWorks icon and open up your “Data Sources”.

On the Data Sources panel, do the following:

Click   .

Select “Autodesk Revit”.

Open the Revit model file in your Data Set.

If prompted, click “Send” in the Data Import dialog. This feature requires an Internet connection, so by clicking “Send”, you will be transmitting data into the InfraWorks cloud.

When the model is finished processing, it displays under “Buildings” in the data sources list.

Once it’s ready, you need to configure the model.

Double click on the model.

In the “Geo Location” tag, if the set coordinate has been assigned in Revit, click “Close and Refresh”.If it has not, select “Interactive Placing…” and click the area on the screen where you want to place the model and select “Close and Refresh”.

Note: Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the .rvt file directly onto the InfraWorks model to import the file as a data source.

That’s how it is done! Importing a Revit model helps bring a more realistic feel to your site plan.

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