Most designs these days are done in 3D, but a huge amount of data remains in the 2D state and it does not find the use it deserves. In this series of videos, you will learn why and how to use your 2D data in 3D for downstream processes such as analysis, manufacturing and even selling your product. More specifically, we will talk about the re-use of AutoCAD and AutoCAD Mechanical drawings in Autodesk Inventor.

By the end of this 5-course series you will acquire the following skills:

1. Understand the advantages of 3D modeling and have knowledge of the various design tools that will become available when working in 3D.

2. Identify suitable 2D data that can be used to generate 3D models within Inventor following this workflow. Introduction to AnyCAD.

3. Apply workflows that bring existing 2D data into model sketches which can then be used in the creation of Inventor part files.

4. Understand the advantages/disadvantages of model associativity between Inventor part files and reference 2D data.

5. Understand best practices for reproducing assemblies, machine drawings, and assembly detail drawings in Inventor.

6. Apply best practices for revision management of historic 2D data and newly created Inventor files.

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5 courses

20 min. avg.

Recommended one course per day
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