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Manufacturing - Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical engineering is one of the widest and most complex disciplines that requires expertise in design, engineering, materials, manufacturing, and adjacent fields. Modern design, engineering, and manufacturing tools address many challenges—yet require a significant investment of time and effort to truly master them.

The learning paths below will help you:
  • Understand the solutions available and how they're connected
  • Learn the best ways to apply available technology to solve typical engineering challenges
  • Apply the acquired knowledge in your daily design work

To make the most of your learning, register to our monthly virtual meetups.
Each month will feature a rotation of topics including best practices from Autodesk experts and community members, updates from product teams, and stories from our customers.
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20 learning paths
Recommended 1 path per week

Learning paths

Learning Path
5 courses
Reuse 2D data in 3D
Learn why and how to use your 2D data in 3D for downstream processes such as analysis, manufacturing and even selling your product
Learning Path
2 courses
Mechanical design with intent
Learn how to design machine elements in a hypothetical project we provide using Autodesk Inventor and one of its key productivity tools -...
Learning Path
2 courses
CAM for Designers and Engineers
Learn how to design a better manufacturable component, fundamentals of CNC machining, explore CAM software, and practice Inventor CAM rig...
Learning Path
4 courses
Vault-based Collaboration
This series of videos presents the various collaboration means that are available when using Autodesk Vault and which edition you need to...
Learning Path
1 course
Getting Started with PartMaker
PartMaker® software enables high precision programming for Swiss-type lathes. Machine parts complete with efficient cycle times and achie...


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