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BIM Management


In these challenges, you'll learn the various ways to coordinate projects across a broad team. Our team of BIM managers will help you better understand what software to use for coordination on your projects and why.

The authors, Jennifer ChavezEric WingShawn Herring, and Michelle Rasmussen have over 80 combined years of experience in the BIM Management field. They are the perfect people to help you unlock and master the robust toolset designed to help you coordinate designs. 

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Learning paths

Learning Path
2 courses
BIM execution plan
Building Information Modeling is a complex subject. That does not mean it needs to be a complex process. Having a good BIM execution plan...
Learning Path
3 courses
Coordination and work sharing
Stay up to date on how all the disciplines' models work together with connected data and systems. This will help you unlock the capabilit...
Learning Path
3 courses
BIM 360 Mobile
In this learning path, you learn the workflow for using the BIM 360 Mobile app on site in the online and offline modes.
Learning Path
6 courses
BIM Collaborate Pro
In this learning path, learn how to use BIM Collaborate Pro for successful cloud projects.
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