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If you are not using the software you already own to its full capability, then you are going to love the challenges we've built for you here.

Our trainers, Michael KilkellyEric Wing, and Daniel Wood will show you how to better collaborate with other disciplines or firms on the same projects. They will also show you industry best practices and workflows to help you do your job better. You will have a chance to practice everything using a project dataset we provide. 

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8 learning paths
Recommended 1 path per week

Learning paths

Learning Path
9 courses
Conceptual design - Architects
Get the broad outlines of function and form of the design faster by using more tools found in the AEC Collection. In this module, you lea...
Learning Path
1 course
Building performance analysis
Understanding how your design affects the natural and physical environment can help you improve the design earlier when the cost of chang...
Learning Path
3 courses
Generative Design
In this learning path, you will learn workflows for incorporating computational design into your design process.
Learning Path
7 courses
Review the basics - Revit
Move from 2D to BIM quickly with less design time lost on learning new software. Learn how to get started in Revit and Revit LT and start...


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