Cultivate innovation drive transformation.

While there is no formula for innovation, it is often found at the intersection of exceptional problem-solving and cutting-edge technology. In this sense, Autodesk Consulting is built to innovate.

Built to Innovate

Draw actionable insights with data analytics & machine learning

Big data promises immense value in almost every industry, but it also poses unique challenges. While many firms struggle with the volume, variety, veracity, and velocity of information produced by digital design and make processes, others are harnessing their growing data stores to make more informed decisions.
Architecture and engineering firms are extracting and cataloging drawing/model content for reuse on other projects. Contractors and manufacturers are using equipment and supply chain data to create more accurate bids and improve job site processes. And with machine learning, there is growing opportunity to use past project data and current trends to predict performance and avoid unwanted outcomes.
Use Cases
Icon / Model Insights
Model Insights
By unleashing the value of data stored in past projects, leadership teams and BIM Management can quickly assess the quality and shortcomings of a current model, reduce rework, and improve forecast accuracy.
Icon / Process Insights
Process Insights
With vast amounts of intuitively visualized asset data from all stages of the lifecycle, managers and operators can track metrics and ensure all high-level processes are functioning optimally.
Business Insights
Public and organizational data enables leadership and project teams to understand the “what-ifs” of decisions, helping them increase revenue, maximize team resource utilization, and improve win rates.

Expand your products and services using the Autodesk platform

Alongside the insight that can be extracted from design and engineering data, innovative firms are applying the Autodesk platform to integrate with outside systems, personalize services, and create entirely new lines of business.
From advanced visualization services to customized product configurators, these companies are developing new cloud-based products and services that enhance collaboration, reduce friction, and deliver differentiating experiences to their clients.
Use Cases
Icon / Digital Twins
Digital Twin Services
By pairing the virtual and physical worlds to analyze and monitorsystems through simulation, design teams can offer asset owners an efficient, cost-effective asset planning that reduces CAPEX, OPEX, maintenance, and replacement costs.
Icon / Operational Services
Operational Services
Digital practice teams are building new capabilities on in-house platforms to better serve project and production teams across the enterprise, offering services such as process optimization, data visualization, and industry interoperability.
Icon / Product Config
Product Configuration Services
Manufacturers and builders are enhancing their customer experience and diversifying revenue streams by offering accessible catalogs of configurable products.

Strengthen your resiliency with agile operating models

Disruption is the status quo in today’s business environment. Technical innovations are continuously shifting the way firms operate and global markets carry the effects of supply chain interruptions everywhere. To stay viable and relevant, firms must have adaptable business and operating models with agile systems, processes, technologies, and norms of behavior.
Use Cases
Adaptable Collaboration
Design and engineering firms are establishing flexible operating models that can rapidly redeploy centralized teams with corporate infrastructure to work remotely on private infrastructure.
Icon / Immersive Visualization
Virtual Environments
Enabling remote, virtual access to aggregated on-field assetdata through AR, VR, and XR, project teams are employing multi-sensory experiencesto analyze real-time information and augment their capacities.
Icon / Health and Safety
Health & Safety Protocols
Occupational safety and health stakeholders are applying AI and robotics to ensure safety on the jobsite and factory floor, assess risk, and redirect resources where they are needed

Ingrain sustainability into your business processes

Global realities – including climate change and resource scarcity – are creating public demand for companies to pursue a commitment to sustainability.
Building the principles of a circular economy into your workflows offers opportunities for costsavings and competitive differentiation. For example, building design firms are winning morework with outcome-driven design processes that simulate alternative scenarios to find the best solutions for the economy, environment, and society. In turn, sustainable solutions typically drive down costs by deploying materials and energy more productively.
Use Cases
Icon / High Performance Buildings
High-Performance Buildings
Owners and facility managers are benefiting from embedded intelligence in buildings, optimizing the asset’s energy efficiency, durability, lifecycle performance, and occupant productivity.
Icon / Sustainable Cities
Resilient, Smart Infrastructure & Cities
City and state agencies are using IoT devices, AI, 5G, and block-chain technology to better simulate operational hypotheses when developing roads, buildings, energy, and water infrastructure.
Icon / Carbon Smart Construction
Low-Waste Construction & Manufacturing
Manufacturers and general contractors are applying AR/VR, digital prototyping, and Industrialized Construction toreduce material consumption and total carbon footprint.

Improve your productivity with holistic process automation

Automation is the foundation for transforming how things are designed, made, owned, and operated. By switching from manual to real-time tasks, teams can improve their efficiency and performance, reduce risk, and enhance service quality for their clients. Engineering, architecture, and manufacturing firms often deploy a variety of discrete tools, platforms, andprocesses for automation and optimization.
Today, Autodesk Consulting is working with organizations to develop application and service simplicity, eliminate repetitive tasks, and durably scale best practices. Organizations that apply holistic process automation by integrating systems are driving organization-level efficiency.
Use Cases
Icon / Computational Design
Computational Design
By applying a rule-based modeling approach, designers and engineers can automate repetitive tasks and decisions based on pre-defined parameters.
Icon / Generative Design
Generative Design
With an iterative objective-driven approach, designers and engineers can explore multiple design options to determine the optimal solution – from parts and products to buildings and construction sites.
Icon / Machining Automation
Machining Automation
By adopting CAM standards and automating toolpath routines, manufacturers arereducing manual CNC programming operations for subtractive manufacturing and automating part setup.

How we support your transformation

Advisory & Implementation Services offer flexible access to the full breadth of Autodesk Consulting, from strategic advisors and solution architects to technical implementation experts. Draw from our insight across converging industries, markets, processes, and technologies – up and down the supply chain and around the world – to push the boundaries of your industry and achieve the new possible.

Advisory Services

Evaluate your current transformation strategy, processes, practices, and plans for implementation
Refine or define a strategy based on your business requirements and informed by Autodesk insight
Define architecture from business, data, application, infrastructure, and integration perspectives
Verify workflow automation, application integration, data connection, and API feasibility
Create a path to develop, integrate, and deploy the solution with visibility of key dependencies
*Not available for MAKE technology
¹Development environment only

Implementation Services

Schedule, budget, and plan implementation activities in detail
Define and document solution processes and workflows
Adjust settings of standard software and configure content
Sprint-based development using public APIs
Install or upgrade Autodesk technology in the solution
Train key users and project teams on the new solution
Analyze and troubleshoot implementation related issues
*Not available for MAKE technology
¹Development environment only
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