Bastien Mazeran

San Francisco, CA, USA
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    Customer success professional based in San Francisco CA, with 19 years of experience serving resellers and customers working with manufacturing-based software solutions. Bastien used to support Autodesk Vault & Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle customers and is now 100% focused on supporting the new Autodesk Forge Platform. Bastien holds a Mechanical Engineering diploma from France.


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    Successfully integrating with the new Token Flex Usage Data API

    Teaching you how to integrate with the new Token Flex Usage Data API

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    Building your token usage dashboard with Forge

    This article introduces a sample web dashboard application, you can reuse today to quickly build your own consumption reporting dashboard solution.

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    Exporting your usage data, the easy way with Forge

    In this article, learn more about the export capability of the new Forge TokenFlex Usage Data API.

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    Understanding your Autodesk token consumption with Forge

    This article talks about the new TokenFlex Usage Data Forge API.

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    Forge Platform Solutions

    Autodesk Forge Platform - the platform to follow to keep up to date with industry and technology trends.

    Interactive instructions with forge
    Interactive Instructions with Forge

    In this article, we will discuss the third initiative Interactive Instructions and how the Autodesk Forge Platform can address the challenges and the needs of line workers, service technicians, and engineering.

    Forge devcon
    Announcing Forge DevCon 2018

    That this year at AU Las Vegas, Forge DevCon and Connect & Construct Summit have come together. Now you can take advantage of more classes than ever before. Register once and choose from a broad selection of keynotes, workshops and classes.

    Forge hi res header community
    A technical deep dive into a Forge powered digital catalog

    This article will attempt to give you a technical overview of the typical architecture as well as pointers to further technical articles to read.