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Getting construction drawings right the first time

Laurie Spitler shares best practices and lessons on how to better manage construction drawings, and also how to connect the office with the field.

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Smarter Construction Collaboration

Last time, we dove into how Andy J. Egan Co., a full-service mechanical contractor, is using construction software to improve communication and coordination activities. Today, we look at how the company is extending this same technology to the field.

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Enhance team collaboration with BIM 360 portfolio

To enhance collaboration and BIM workflows, project teams have been utilizing different BIM 360 products throughout the lifecycles of their projects. Thus, administrators have been required to manage users and projects across these multiple BIM 36...

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Announcing Monthly BIM 360 Product Updates

It’s an exciting time for Autodesk Construction Customers. Development Teams for BIM 360 are working hard to ensure that you have the functionality you need to deliver quality construction projects. We continue to add new features to your current ...

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All you need to know about BIM 360

To understand design intent and available resources to increase the user’s knowledge curve, there are various resources available. To assist, he following intuitive material is available by a single click, covering various perceptions of the Servi...

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Straight from AU London 2017: Get Ready for Artificial Intelligence in Construction

Construction is ripe for change influenced by innovative leaders in the industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is among the most exciting of the emerging technologies that could enhance the way our world is constructed. As construction leaders con...

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Rework: the worst nightmare for the Construction Industry

Reducing rework is still one of the highest priorities for construction companies. Rework is increasing costs by up to 20% on every project according to a Guide to Construction Rework Reduction from the Construction Industry Institute. Find out th...

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Provide construction progress insight with BIM 360

Key stakeholders in a construction project often need to track project-wide progress quickly and easily. With BIM 360, you can develop an easy way to consume visual representation of project status that can be accessed on mobile devices. Save tim...