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Visualize the building design in Revit

In the last course of our 7-part series we'll dive into tools you can use to visualize and present your designs. From creating cloud renderings to adding shading and shadows, there's a wide array of visual effects you can leverage to place your mo...

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Work with CAD models from others in Revit

While working in Revit, it's common for you to access information from other programs such as AutoCAD. However, working with standard details are not the only time it becomes useful to work with CAD files in Revit. In part 6 of our 7-part series, ...

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Communicating design intent with your Revit model

There is so much more to architectural communication than simply finishing a building model. We often need to add dimensions, notes, and other kinds of illustrative annotations to convey our design intent. In part 5 of our 7-part series, we'll tea...

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Adding details to your Revit Model

In part 4 of our 7-part series, we will maximize our operating efficiency within Revit software and take you through hands-on exercises to crystalize specific details within your model, including adding stairs and railings, fixtures, furnishings, ...

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Layout for curtain walls, floors and roofs in Revit

Boost your efficiency within the Revit software, solve for complex design ideas, delve into the process of customizing common and curtain walls, and take a look at adding floors and roofs to your models.

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Layout for basic architectural elements in Revit

In this course, you will learn how to start laying out the building plan. Starting with walls and adding doors, windows, columns. This course is for anyone moving from 2D to BIM or is new to Revit or Revit LT. This course should take you about 45 ...

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Visualize Architectural Designs and Reduce Errors in AutoCAD LT

Many visualization tools can be used in AutoCAD LT to speed up work and reduce errors. By using layers and intelligent objects to generate designs from the start, users maintain a high degree of control and flexibility through project phases. Thes...

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External References in AutoCAD

Use this quick reference card to help you add externally referenced files to your drawings in AutoCAD.