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Assign a View Template

When communicating the design intent, the way you present the design says a lot about you and your organization. In this module, you learn how to make your sheets look more aesthetically pleasing by setting up a view template that defines line wei...

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Linking CAD & Revit Models

When moving from 2D to BIM, you do not want to redo anything you have already done. This module shows you how you can take advantage of CAD files in your Revit model to reduce the amount of duplication of effort when moving to BIM.

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Import Topo Surfaces from DWG Files

Topo surfaces are often created in a DWG format by either a surveyor or civil engineer. Learn how to import the topo surface into Revit from the DWG file.

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Win the Bid at the First Conceptual Design Meeting

Being able to quickly conceptualize a design during your first meeting with a client can be the ticket to winning better work. In this module, you learn how to use shapes to conceptualize a building model. Then turn those shapes into real building...

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Getting started with Revit

A few topics in this LinkedIn Learning group include: creating & configuring a project, selecting objects, and viewing & linking other models into Revit.

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From data to design: Seamless workflows for architects

Make the most of your tools. These video tutorials show you how to design, analyze, and present your models—and move data seamlessly.

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Annotation in AutoCAD with Architect Toolset

Annotate the design with text, dimensions, and symbols.

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Be More Efficient When Adding Annotations in AutoCAD LT

To be more efficient when adding text and other annotations to your drawings, you need to understand how it is done. In this article, you learn the difference between single line text and multi-line text. You learn how to format multi-line text. H...