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Designing for construction in remote and extreme conditions

Architects Alaska was founded in 1950 before Alaska even became a state in 1959. The design firm is well-versed in the unique challenges and creative solutions for designing within the restraints of location and wilderness—whether it’s for gas pip...

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Layout Basic Architectural Elements in AutoCAD with the Architectural Toolset

Laying out a design in 2D is different from laying it out in 3D. In this module, you will learn how to start laying out the building plan in 3D using AutoCAD with the Architectural toolset. Starting with walls and adding wall openings for doors an...

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Create Construction Sets for Printing

In this module, you learn how to create a set of construction drawings from the 3D model to communicate the design to construction crews and stakeholders.

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The Effective Architect Part 2: Focus Your Time

In this 5-part series, we’re looking at 25 ways you can work smarter, not harder in 2019. Part 2 explores how you can proactively manage your most precious resource, your time.

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Productivity Study Highlights:AutoCAD® with Architecture Toolset

Autodesk recently commissioned a study comparing basic AutoCAD to the Architectural toolset (previously known as AutoCAD Architecture) for performing 9 common design tasks.

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Report information about a model in a tabular format using tables

Communicating the design intent can be done is several ways. One way is in a tabular format. In this module, you learn how to communicate the design in a tabular format by crating schedules.

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Detailing the Drawing

Draw quicker and faster construction details using the Tool Palette

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Generating Sheets from 3D Views

In order to properly communicate design intent to contractors, you need to take the 3D model and flatten it out for a 2D sheet of paper. In this module, you learn how to create 2D views of 3D models.