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The Essentials of IoT for Modern Engineers

There is a lot of hype surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT), but even if IoT feels like an overused term, it offers real benefits for mechanical engineers. With IoT, there’s enormous potential for engineers to design better, smarter products. ...

BIM 360 Field Update: Link Issues and Checklists to Equipment, & More!

BIM 360 Field Update: Link Issues, checklist to equipment and more!

Infrastructure Customer Group: Better. Faster. Stronger.

Infrastructure service providers need to be faster, more efficient, and collaborative to stand out from the crowd and win work.

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Visualization Customer Group: Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality customer group (Cohort) aims to help our customers leverage Autodesk’s LIVE Design platform to create compelling VR experiences

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Engineering Trends and the Future of Making Structural Things

Learn more about engineering trends around the future of making things for the structural industry.

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Four Ways to Get More from Construction Daily Reports with BIM 360 Field

Like status reports of any kind, construction daily reports often have a bad reputation. It’s the tedious task that keeps people from getting home to their families at the end of their long days. And far too often, it is viewed as a waste of time...

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Autodesk Hybrid Manufacturing Portfolio Unveiled

As Industrial Additive Manufacturing explodes throughout the industry, manufacturers realize the need for even greater flexibility. Through Hybrid Manufacturing: the unlimited allowable complexity in product design of Additive, is combined with th...

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Major Update to Autodesk Fusion 360 and Fusion Lifecycle

Autodesk Fusion platform has been developing very rapidly, but it keeps accelerating. Fusion 360 received a major update on October 5th with new functionality in almost every discipline