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Autodesk Announces Multi-Head 3D Printing Software

Autodesk announced additional capabilities for its Netfabb additive manufacturing product at Autodesk University, held in Las Vegas this November.

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Fusion Ultimate Expands the Limits of Possibility

Fusion has received the Ultimate version, expanding the simulation and advanced manufacturing functionality beyond previous limits.

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Virtual Reality: Enhancing the Automotive Design Process

Automotive is among the most complex design processes. It requires input from many different groups, including industrial designers, mechanical engineers, simulation experts, and safety experts.The process of moving from inspired drawings and digi...

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Remote and Virtual Solutions for Autodesk Maya

Patrick Danford, Steven Seed & Jim Bette from Walt Disney Animation joined us to cover their experiences and best practices with Virtualization & Remoting using Autodesk Maya and Teradici technologies.

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90 Days at Rodeo FX: A Toolkit Story

Learn how Autodesk veteran Jean-Francois Boismenu’s journey as an intern at RodeoFX gave him a better appreciation of using Shotgun and it’s Tookit in production.

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Fusion 360 for M&E Workflows - “An Engineered look requires Engineering Tools”

In October, we held an excellent EP Session on Fusion 360 for Games. We had the pleasure of being joined by Concept artist Kirill Chepizhko, as well as Fusion 360 product manager Colin Smith.

BIM 360 Team Release: Better Design Collaboration with Expanded User Permissions

Design collaboration with BIM 360 Team just got even better with our latest product update delivering one of our most highly requested features: expanded view-only permissions, along with numerous bug fixes and enhancements that will improve the o...

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Connected BIM: Curated Curriculum for Enterprise Customers

As the pioneers in this industry, follow the Connected BIM (called previously BIM+) Curriculum to stay cutting edge and lead the way with the Autodesk solutions you can use throughout the entire project lifecycle.