5 steps in your engineering cad tool
Five steps in your engineering CAD tool to make your project look great

Rendering tools are now fully integrated into CAD programs. Engineers can render a seemingly completed product before any of the fine, unseen details are worked out. In this article, we would like to talk about 5 steps you can take to make your pr...

Autodesk university 2016 0630
3D Printing Maturity Assessment: your entitlement as an Enterprise Priority customer

There is currently a lot of hype around Additive Manufacturing, and rightfully so. Additive Manufacturing allows for competitive separation through improved product performance, enhanced supply chain benefits, and nearly unlimited design possibili...

Connected bim news 2
Connected BIM News – Episode 8 (Regular Update)

Connected BIM News (CB News for short) is a new, quick way to stay informed about important Autodesk updates for the AEC industry, and it is exclusively for Enterprise customers. Watch the first two episodes now!

Aec excellence 2017 awards hero image with logo and categories
AEC Excellence Awards 2017: Now accepting project submissions

Get your projects the recognition they deserve—on a global stage, in front of your peers and industry influencers, read more.

Robot structural analysis professional 2012 16x9
Re-engineering structural analysis for the future

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story reminds us of the importance of structural engineering and makes us think about key trends shaping how structural engineers will design their structures in the future. Customer expectations for doing structural analysi...

Bim level 2 construction 03 layered
Rework: the worst nightmare for the Construction Industry

Reducing rework is still one of the highest priorities for construction companies. Rework is increasing costs by up to 20% on every project according to a Guide to Construction Rework Reduction from the Construction Industry Institute. Find out th...

Bim level 2 construction 01
Provide construction progress insight with BIM 360

Key stakeholders in a construction project often need to track project-wide progress quickly and easily. With BIM 360, you can develop an easy way to consume visual representation of project status that can be accessed on mobile devices. Save tim...

Simulation mechanical
Simulation Mechanical "end of sale" and long-term vision

Following the 2018 release, Autodesk Simulation Mechanical will be going through a phased discontinuation. New subscriptions to Simulation Mechanical will not be available, but customers can still use it and renew. Simulation Mechanical customers ...