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3rd Enterprise Meetup Montreal: BIM for Owners

Discover how Connected BIM (BIM plus the power of the Cloud) will help you to grow your business and win more projects.

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From 2D to 3D with floor plan and scanned data

How can you combine scanned data, 2D floor plans from AutoCAD, and 3D assets in Inventor? We’ll show you how.

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Generate 3D models based on an AutoCAD layout floor plan

After you create a 3D representation of your 2D model, you can blend them into a hybrid. Read all about it.

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Converting a 2D ACAD Drawing into 3D Parametric Inventor

Parametrization of 2D to 3D data. Ok, now we practiced creation of 3D geometry from 2D data. But what is the best way to add parametric intelligence to your data?

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Build 3D models from 2D drawings and keep them in sync

You can take existing views and create 3D models almost automatically, and there are several ways to do it. Choose your favorite one!

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Machine AutoCAD 2D drawings in Fusion 360

Do you or your department still use 2D data a lot? With Fusion 360, you can create toolpaths for milling machines, doing laser/plasma cuts or lathe not only from your 3D solid models, but directly from your 2D AutoCAD drawings. And here is how.

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Is 3D modeling really necessary?

An Autodesk employee asked this question while visiting museums in Europe and found some interesting clues, including what 3D modeling looked like three to five centuries ago and what benefits it offered. Read more to see if you can recall other e...

Collaboration for Revit (C4R)

On this page, you can find all the content related to C4R.