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Autodesk + Esri = Awesome!

One of the most exciting announcements made at AU was a strategic alliance between Esri and Autodesk. On November 15th, Amy Bunszel welcomed Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost and Esri CEO Jack Dangermond to the stage to discuss the collaboration during...

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The Autodesk University VR Experience For and From Enterprise Customers

From the Skanska’s main stage presentation to customer created experiences, Autodesk University 2017 was buzzing with AR/VR demonstrations and practical examples of how Enterprise Priority customers can leverage our tools today to differentiate an...

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What's Trending in Design and Manufacturing: Learnings From Autodesk University

Autodesk University 2017 was my fourth AU and I saw a lot of changes this year. It had all the best elements from the previous years, but it was a bit less about products and much more about the outcomes and results for our valued customers. The D...

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Autodesk Generative Design is Changing Paradigms in Design

Many new technologies and products are announced at Autodesk University every year and 2017 is not an exception. One of the key topics for sure has been Generative Design.

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Customers at Autodesk University: Challenge, Solution and Success with Reality Capture

Autodesk University is much more than a place to learn about the latest and greatest from Autodesk and Industry, it is also a great place to network with our customers. I look forward every year to hearing from our customers about their experience...

Design Automation in a Modern Way: Insight From Forge Developers Conference

The Autodesk Forge Developer Conference (Forge DevCon) is the largest gathering of design and engineering software developers. This is the second edition and this year the conference took place in Las Vegas right before Autodesk University.

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Project Fractal Case Studies Presented by Stantec at Autodesk University 2017

The Stantec team presented Project Fractal case studies at Autodesk University 2017.

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What happens at Autodesk University Las Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas!

What happens at Autodesk University Las Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas.