What the heck is Forge?

by Jad Dellel, AEC Industry Lead on January 25, 2018

We are living in the era of the platform.

All platforms have an ecosystem with the same basic structure and four types of players:

  1. Owners of platforms control the intellectual property and governance
  2. Providers serve as the platforms’ interface with users
  3. Producers create their offerings
  4. Consumers use those offerings

You don’t need to look far to see examples of platform businesses: Google with their Google Play store, Apple with their App store. And Autodesk gives you... Forge. But what is Forge, really?

Forge is the new Autodesk cloud-based platform that allows you to develop your own cloud-based application and focus your innovation on solving design, engineering, and manufacturing challenges.

Because Forge has foundational elements in design, fabrication, and monitoring there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Net-net Forge enables companies to:

  • Access and integrate design and engineering data with existing enterprise applications.
  • Provide existing infrastructure, integrated services, and technical resources based on relevant industry web technology and standards.
  • Customize, streamline, and scale applications and services.

It offers many cloud building blocks, also called micro-services, such as:

  • Viewer - This allows you to display 2D and 3D design files including basic virtual reality; this API supports 50 file formats for web and mobile and you can add markup and measures.
  • Reality Capture - This highly scalable and easy-to-use API uses the power of the cloud to compute structure-from-motion and multi-view-geometry algorithms. The resulting reality capture data (RCM, OBJ, RCS, GeoTIFF) can be viewed within ReCap Photo, ReCap Pro, Civil 3D and InfraWorks.
  • BIM360 - This API allows developers to create apps that integrate with the Autodesk BIM360 platform (Field, Glue, Plan and Docs) to extend its capabilities to the construction industry. Currently the BIM 360 API offers account-level functionalities that enable working with BIM 360 account administration workflows. It also integrates with other cloud applications. You can find a list of existing integrations and information on building new ones here.
  • Data Management - This API allows you to access data across BIM 360 Team, Fusion Team (formerly known as A360 Team), BIM 360 Docs, A360 Personal, and the Object Storage Service.

For more information about using Autodesk cloud services to build your own tools or integrate existing enterprise solutions and processes, view the webcast Turn Cloud Services into the Building Blocks for Your Next Tool with Forge.

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If you are interested in learning more about Forge, contact us or visit the Forge website

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