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Published on July 26, 2023


The ability to quickly collaborate and scale projects within a tractable workflow is crucial for any creative studio to stay agile in an ever-changing and competitive environment. ShotGrid is a powerful and scalable production management software that can be adapted to user needs. In this training, users will explore the basic navigation, usage, structure, and capabilities of ShotGrid needed to organize, track and review project data, to effectively manage projects and inform collaborative decision-making. Facilitate the onboarding process with this training of ShotGrid’s basic product workflows.

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    Introduction to ShotGrid

    Learn about ShotGrid's basic capabilities and functionality in this introductory course. Set up your account, gain an understanding of the structure of data within ShotGrid, learn to navigate ShotGrid, determine your role, including what you can and cannot do, and customize the view of on-screen data.

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