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Published on August 25, 2022

Autodesk Premium Success Materials 
Autodesk Premium “Success Materials” include resources and materials to help customers maximize their Autodesk investment and assist with onboarding and use of Premium Subscription Benefits.

Premium Success Benefits 
The following Benefits are “Success Materials” as defined in the  Premium Success Benefits terms, set out within the Terms of Use, and are provided subject to those terms:

Live coaching for Premium Authorized Users 
Users: receive personalized live coaching from Autodesk experts on product use and industry workflows
Live coaching for Premium Administrators 
Administrators: receive personalized live coaching from Autodesk experts on (a) administrative workflows and (b) enterprise systems and IT workflows

The Premium Success Benefits may be modified at any time.

Live coaching - General 
Autodesk Premium live coaching* provides technology and workflow coaching to customers with an Autodesk Premium Plan upon request. During the coaching session, Autodesk specialists will remotely provide tailored guidance to Premium Authorized Users on Autodesk products and key industry workflows, or to Premium Administrators on administrative and enterprise systems and IT workflows, respectively, and may include live demonstrations, presentations, and/or practice datasets with Q&A. Live coaching is an enterprise level Benefit as outlined below. 

Coaching session requests must be submitted by customers’ Primary or Secondary Premium Administrators (“Admin”) through the Premium coaching request page with a topic selected from the Premium coaching catalog.  An Autodesk specialist will coordinate with the Admin to personalize the content for the customer and schedule the coaching session. Autodesk will work with the Admin to remotely deliver the coaching session generally within six weeks of the request, although actual timing may vary depending on the customer’s coaching needs and Autodesk resource availability. The Autodesk specialist will notify the Admin if additional time is needed. The duration of the coaching sessions may last up to 90 minutes.  

For the best experience, coaching sessions should be limited to under 25 participants. Only the Premium Authorized Users that are assigned to a Premium subscription can attend a coaching session.

Coaching sessions are delivered in English only.  Coaching may be delivered in other languages, in Autodesk’s sole discretion and subject to availability.

Live coaching for Premium Authorized Users – Additional Terms 
The following terms and requirements apply to live coaching for Premium Authorized Users in addition to the general terms and requirements above: 

Active Premium Plan subscribers have access to one coaching session per enterprise (inclusive of all Teams with Premium Subscription, Admins, and Premium Authorized Users in Your enterprise) every 90 days. Sessions may be scheduled in advance for each 90-day period. Sessions may not be rolled forward. If a coaching session is not delivered in a given 90-day period, eligibility for that session expires and it is no longer available.  

 *Live coaching is an Accelerator as defined in the Terms of Use.

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