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Returning to the workplace

Published on September 01, 2017

Ready to reopen your office? We're here to help

From physical distancing and people movement to safer air quality, Autodesk has tools and resources that can help you and your customers solve for the design challenges of COVID-19.

What can we help you with?
Space Planning

Use BIM to plan your office space and ensure physical distancing.

Mobility Simulation

Learn how to use advanced technologies to simulate the flow of people around your office.

Airflow simulation

Learn how to use technologies to simulate airflow in your building and ensure a safe environment.

Will some of your employees continue to work remotely?

Learn more about how to enable collaboration between your workers in the office and those working remotely.

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Beca wins Gold Medal for Auckland project using cloud-based BIM delivery method

The use of BIM 360 construction software on Beca’s Mason Bros project recently earned them the Gold prize for the 2017 INNOVATE NZ Awards. Beca’s innovative use of Autodesk technology encapsulated the benefits of capturing critical information during the construction phase. By using BIM 360 Glue...

BIM in Design

Following the BIM workflow suggested will provide you with the ability to work securely, efficiently and collaboratively on complex projects with a team spread across multiple location, while mastering a hybrid work environment. Multiple users will be able to contribute towards design model...