New MEP Engineer Learning Content is Available

by Michelle Rasmussen, AEC Content Manager, Autodesk on December 13, 2019

Martha Hollowell Orcutt just finished up a new free training offering within our Customer Success Learning Hub called Working in Tight Spaces with Duct and Pipe in Revit. If you are an MEP Engineer laying out ducts and pipes inside Revit, then you might be interested in checking it out. In this 30 minute course she shows you how to work in tight spaces when laying out duct and pipe inside Revit. 

Here is a brief summary of what is covered: Using the Revit Interference Check tool we can find clashes and fix them by running parallel pipes and connecting fittings to each other.

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Work with Interference Checking
  • Create and modify parallel pipes
  • Change short runs of ducts so fitting connects to fitting

Similar to all our free courses inside the customer success learning hub, this is a hands-on course that includes a dataset you can use to try what you are learning. Once you complete it, please leave your comments to let us know what you thought. We are also very interested in learning what additional learning content you would like to see from Autodesk.

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