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Mechanical Engineering and Inventor Meetup

by Anton Fedoseyev, Content Strategist, at Autodesk on November 18, 2020

For the last year or so, each month we covered a new topic and new speakers to sit down and discuss common challenges in design and manufacturing, as well as best practices for addressing them. The main goals of the meetup at AU 2020 is to celebrate our community of mechanical engineers, designers, and Inventor users and also reflect on this year. Here are the key talking points from the meetup. Also, make sure to download the PDF version of the deck presented.

Customer Success Learning Portal

First of all, this year we launched the mechanical engineering track on the customer success learning portal. The main goal is to give you a set of best practices that you can learn in about 15 mins and start applying them immediately Please check this track out:

Resources for COVID-19 and return to work

Autodesk Main

Inventor Resources

Return to work


Inventor & Vault Beta Communities

Autodesk Group Network

Autodesk Launched this new community program to create a global network of user groups and underpin this community with the tools and resources they need to:

  • Manage user groups
  • Grow their communities
  • Connect and collaborate with other leaders
  • Reach personal and professional goals
  • Adopt new and better ways of working

Autodesk supports without centrally controlling or owning user groups and aims to create deeper connections between groups and with Autodesk. 

Visit us at

Interested in starting a group? Email us: group network at Autodesk dot com

Key skills going forward

There is a lot of knowledge domain where you can direct your attention and master your skills. Here are the 4 skills that we think are beneficial to grow.


Generative Design


Design for Manufacturing, online courses to learn it:

Looking into the future

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