Linking CAD & Revit Models

Published on February 26, 2019

When moving from 2D to BIM, you do not want to redo anything you have already done. This module shows you how you can take advantage of CAD files in your Revit model to reduce the amount of duplication of effort when moving to BIM.

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BAM International teams achieve up to 50% time savings on the construction of Yas Bay Arena

In collaboration with Autodesk Consulting, BAM is among the first general contractors in the Middle East to significantly improve efficiencies by digitalizing the construction processes.

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Assign a View Template

When communicating the design intent, the way you present the design says a lot about you and your organization. In this module, you learn how to make your sheets look more aesthetically pleasing by setting up a view template that defines line weights and colors. Then assign the template to views.