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Inventor to 3ds Max interactive

by Ben Bisares and Anil Choudhary, Autodesk Global Product Support on May 29, 2020

In this fast-changing world, we need to take advantage of new technologies to find more innovative and efficient ways to design and create better products. One of the eternal challenges that exist is the human-machine interface. Poor ergonomics can make or break any design. Tackling ergonomics based on 2D drawings or even 3D models viewed on a screen has never been intuitive.

The Automotive industry has embraced VR to solve this problem so why not you? There has been no better time to take advantage. Prices for VR hardware such as the Vive or the Oculus have dropped to a level that makes it accessible to practically everyone.

We created a learning path to help you create content that you can use not only for design but also to present and collaborate with your customers before anything needs to be manufactured. This path walks you through how to take your existing product design in Inventor and bring it to 3ds Max Interactive, where you can explore it in VR.

What is covered in this learning path?

This path consists of 3 mini-courses that will help you understand the considerations you should take when designing content for VR and how to bring that content from Inventor into 3ds Max for preparation and finally into 3ds Max Interactive to create the VR project. Upon completing this course, you will learn the following skills:

  • Bring Inventor models into 3ds Max
  • Prepare the dataset for VR using 3ds Max
  • Bring 3ds Max content into a 3ds Max Interactive
  • Create a VR project in 3ds Max Interactive
  • Create a standalone package that can be used on any Windows computer with VR hardware such as the Vive or Oculus

To access full courseware including the project files and exercises for free, use your Autodesk ID on Autodesk Learning Hub. Take the courses 4 through 6 there. If you are interested in just reviewing course videos, you can do it on the Inventor YouTube channel.

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