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Integrated Factory Modeling

Published on October 18, 2022

Integrated Factory Modeling

Integrated factory modeling is a process that combines BIM and digital factory planning to generate a digital representation of a facility and production equipment. One specific use case for integrated factory modeling is operations layout and planning in which 3D CAD is paired with data management, building modeling, and reality capture tools to optimize the factory design process. This learning path provides you with persona-specific courses which can enable:

-Mechanical engineers to prepare and share machinery CAD files and develop a library of Factory Assets

-Architects and Engineers to produce an accurate representation of the existing site conditions using existing design data or 3D Scans

-Manufacturing and Industrial engineers to geometrically layout a factory floor space and simulate the factory production performance

-Architects and Engineers to coordinate the design data, complete clash detection and report issues before installation.

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    Factory Operations Layout and Planning for Mechanical Engineers

    This course teaches you how to leverage existing machinery designs as part of the factory layout and planning process. You will learn how to best implement Factory Design Utilities, reduce the complexity of the existing design data, and develop a library of factory assets which can be utilized during the layout and planning process.

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    Existing Conditions Modeling for Operations Layout and Planning

    This course introduces the topic of existing conditions modeling in the context of operations layout and planning. You will learn how an existing Revit designs can be simplified and exported in a 2D format to facilitate operations layout in the context of the existing facility. For cases where there is no existing CAD data for the facility, the course also covers how 3D scan data of a facility can be used to develop a PointCloud model in ReCap. Both methods ensure design teams have an accurate representation of the existing facility before beginning the operations layout and planning process.

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    Create and simulate factory layouts using Factory Design Utilities and ProModel

    This course will demonstrate the development of 2D and 3D factory layouts using Autodesk Factory Design Utilities and how the performance of proposed facilities can be evaluated using ProModel. Beginning in AutoCAD, you will utilize the 2D representation and/or PointCloud of the existing facility and begin to develop the machinery layout using the Factory Asset Library previously developed in Inventor. Iterations of the proposed operations layouts can be synced to ProModel to evaluate the performance of production cycles.

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    Model Coordination for Operations Layout and Planning

    This course teaches you how all 3D models developed as part of the operations layout and planning process can be combined to develop a federated model. This allows multiple disciplinary design teams to review their completed designs and complete analysis such as clash detection, reducing the likelihood of errors and rework during installation.

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