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Industrialized Construction

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Industrialized Construction for the Built Environment Lifecycle

The convergence of construction and manufacturing known as industrialized construction operates on the premise of faster project delivery, less physical waste, and better use of resources. The potential of industrialized construction will transform the way projects are designed, built, and operated. In this course, you explore the megatrends shaping industrialized construction as well as the business model transformations needed to move make and operate into the design phase to support design for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA), therefore shifting from a project-centric mindset to a product-centric mindset for construction for the built environment.

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    Introduction to Industrialized Construction

    Get introduced to the definition and mega trends encompassing Industrialized Construction for the built environment lifecycle.  In addition, Design-Build-Operate frameworks are introduced along with connections to advanced manufacturing principles and emerging trends and technologies promoted by Industry 4.0 and Construction 4.0.

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    Productization, DfMA, and Sustainability

    Explore the concept of productization, design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA) and DATA for manufacture and assembly with emphasis on linkage of these concepts with other elements of the House of Industrialized Construction (IC). Learn the benefits of productization and DfMA holistically in the context of sustainability and circularity in Industrialized Construction.

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    Rise of MEP Assembly

    Learn to describe the MEP subcontractors’ evolution and innovation in prefabrication processes and facilities. Explore the role of an integrated multi-trade approach and applied manufacturing techniques in product orientation. Learn about technology connections with advanced manufacturing principles and use of emerging trends and technologies promoted by Industry 4.0.

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    Applying the Transformation Framework to Industrialized Construction

    Explore the application of the transformation framework inclusive of the optimization of Industrialized Construction and the layers of outcomes, strategy, and final state. The bedrock of the transformation is a clear set of outcomes that drive the adoption conversation.

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    Convergence of Technology, Process, and Business models in Industrialized Construction

    The AEC ecosystem sometimes treats improvements and innovations one at a time. Organizations take initiatives such as BIM implementation, lean improvements, sustainability, etc., in silos. Learn how this convergence is further facilitated by digitalization and data that are also central to Industrialized Construction breaking down these silos and tying together the digital and physical assets.

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    Applying Machine Learning, AI, and Advanced Construction Technologies

    Learn how a data-driven approach helps bring context to the digital and physical strategies for Industrialized Construction.

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    Future of Work in Industrialized Construction

    Define the impact of Industrialized Construction on the work, the worker, and the workplace.

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