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by Bastien Mazeran, Designated Support Specialist, at Autodesk on November 09, 2018

Autodesk Forge is a cloud development platform for building custom software applications, workflows, and integrations across industries such as manufacturing, architecture, engineering, and construction. With Autodesk Forge, teams, third-party developers, and customers can design, build, and integrate workflows.
This page is your entry point to stay up-to-date and learn about proven Forge powered initiatives you can implement today to further digitize your business and move to the Cloud with Autodesk solutions.
Getting to know Forge

If you have just heard of the Forge Platform, please watch this introductory video to learn what the Forge platform is and get a walk-through of various Forge applications that have been created so far.

Account Administration

Managing Applications, Keys and users with Forge

Autodesk Forge is Autodesk’s collection of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that are used to develop web based applications or to connect Autodesk cloud- solutions into a broader ecosystem of applications.

After watching this webinar recording you will get insights into the best Forge practices:
  1. What are Forge API’s?
  2. Best practices around API key security and managing Forge API keys.
  3. Why do we not manage API access and users the same way as we do with product access?
  4. What can we do to better manage access to Forge API’s?
  5. Other major differences in Forge API access vs. product access

Forge Workflows

Please select the industry topic of your choice to zoom-in into proven industry-specific Forge solutions you can implement today.

Learning Tracks

For those who are not familiar with Web/REST programming, learning the new Forge APIs can be a challenge. Please watch these learning tracks to learn:

  • How to create and manage Forge applications 
  • Operate and configure web debugging tool 
  • Create a simple application with all available APIs for Forge 
  • Educate other users on the basics of Forge

Learn Autodesk Forge

Getting Started with Forge

Session 1 – Getting Started with WEB/REST Programming & Overview

Session 2 – Authentication & Data Management API

Session 3 – Model Derivative & Viewer API

Session 4 – Design Automation & BIM 360 API

Session 5 – Reality Capture & Webhook API

Still need help getting started with Forge API, please follow this link.

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Forge is the new Autodesk cloud-based platform allowing you to develop your own cloud-based application and focus your innovation on solving design, engineering, and manufacturing challenges.

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