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Easier Invite with New Look and Feel for Autodesk Account User Management

by Emily Svensson, Product Manager of Autodesk Account on May 06, 2020

We’ve heard your feedback! We've introduced some changes to Autodesk Account user management to improve your experience. 


1. Easier invite: 

Instead of a fixed text box that requires additional manual effort, we’re providing new invite options to make it easier for you to invite your users: 

  • Invite one user at a time 
  • Invite multiple users at once 
  • You can now copy and paste your invite list directly from Outlook or Gmail. 
    • Old format: Jane, Doe,
    • New format: Jane Doe <> 
  • Now available:
    • Bulk import: Upload a .csv file to add a large number of users at once. 
    • Import to assign: Upload a .csv file to add and assign a large number of users at once to a specific product. 

2. New assign button 

To prevent accidental assigning, we have updated the assign capability from a check mark to a clearly labeled button. This change will also make it easier to see which products have already been assigned to the user. 

3. Confirmation before changes to product access are made 

Products with additional cloud services and add-ons, such as rendering, can be turned on or off for individual users. To prevent errors, we have added a confirmation screen that allows you to save or cancel your changes. 

4. Update to look and feel 

We are retiring card view and providing user management in list view, so you can easily search and sort your users and products. We have also updated the general look and feel of user management to make your Autodesk Account experience more consistent across all pages. 

Check out our roadmap to see what other updates are coming soon!

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