Dura Vermeer Infra division slashes tender time by 50% with 3D contextual models

by Giso van der Heide, Sr. Customer Success Manager and Heather Howe, Marketing Editor on October 03, 2018


Dura Vermeer Group NV is a family-owned, Dutch company with more than 160 years of experience in construction, engineering, and services. The group has approximately 2,500 total employees, and approximately 1,200 of those individuals work in the Dura Vermeer Infra division. The Infra division is a multidisciplinary, 'one-stop-shop' that seamlessly coordinates knowledge and activities. It works from local operating companies specialized in regional projects, and from specialist teams for large, national projects in the Netherlands.

At the end of 2015, Dura Vermeer signed a three-year Enterprise Business Agreement (EBA) with Autodesk. In tandem with this agreement, Dura Vermeer was committed to several company goals:

  • Improve operational results, resulting in increased revenue and margin.
  • Intensified marketing and an enhanced proposition, leading to satisfied clients and a bigger sales pipeline.
  • A stronger, agile, more integrated and innovative organization.
  • Establishment of a solid innovation practice with a focus on technologies and partnerships.
  • More digitization and utilization of breakthrough BIM technologies that are data-driven, predictive, and include Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

With high personal standards in place, achieving these goals would be a challenge. By using 3D model authoring tools in combination with Autodesk® BIM 360® cloud software products, 75 percent of Dura Vermeer's workforce successfully adopted BIM products and recognized the value of the systems.


The overall corporate aspiration for Dura Vermeer is to become one of the Netherlands’ “top three highest performing and digitized construction companies by 2020.” To accomplish this, the customer had to address several key issues it was facing as a company:

  • Difficulties managing complex information across the project lifecycle.
  • The need for improved collaboration to reduce failure costs and conducting rework.
  • Challenges responding to market opportunities effectively and efficiently.
  • Desire to improve sharing knowledge and best practices across the organization.

Becoming one of the top construction companies in the Netherlands would require facing these challenges head-on and developing solutions that would last beyond 2020.

Images Courtesy Dura Vermeer


Within the EBA, Dura Vermeer Infra division acknowledged the power of combining the Autodesk BIM application set, Customer Success Services, and its own in-house team of BIM experts. Collaborating as a united team on the BIM implementation, Dura Vermeer and Autodesk assisted in setting up a “BIM for Infra” way of working with all the common project stakeholders that included:

  • Defining both 3D and 4D coordination and risk management models using Autodesk® InfraWorks® software, Autodesk® Civil 3D® software, Autodesk® Revit® software, Autodesk® Navisworks® software, Autodesk® Recap™ software, and BIM360.
  • Structure the information and standards to make them centrally available.
  • Connect with Relatics, a cloud platform which Dura Vermeer uses to control and manage all the information of its projects. This also includes System Engineering.

The BIM way of working has become an integral, multidisciplinary approach. Project teams are now able to build the risk file in one day, therefore reducing the time that is required to analyze and decide upon several options in terms of constructability, planning, risk, and finance.


As a result of this BIM adoption, the Infra division slashed tender time by 50 percent for the tender rail track Geldermalsen, supported by high-quality, 3D, contextual models with enablement of virtual risk scenario mitigation. 3D modeling products have 75 percent penetration across the whole organization. The intention is to adopt and drive 3D model usage higher than 80 percent by 2020. In addition to the planned increase in adoption and usage of 3D modeling products over the next two years, Autodesk has “plugged in” the internal specialists who positively influenced the BIM transformation and project performance.

The Lingense Alliance—consisting of Dura Vermeer, ProRail, and Mobilis—is the team slated to work on rail track Geldermalsen beginning in 2019. The project includes increasing the track capacity in and around the city of Geldermalsen by constructing a third track, widening the railway bridge, and removing the existing traverse which will come back in the form of a tunnel under the station. In the city of Tricht, two ground-level transitions will be removed, and a new peripheral road will be built, which will perform as an underpass. By leveraging the BIM way of working, the project is expected to reach completion by 2021.

“It is the interaction between our insight into the needs and wishes of the local environment and our experience with large nationwide projects that makes us successful. BIM technology and capabilities adds a new dimension to that.”

- Theo Winter, Dura Vermeer Board of Directors

“I look back on an intensive but successful tender procedure. The tender process of rail track Geldermalsen is in fact fully executed according to 'the BIM way.’ We could not have offered Geldermalsen successfully if we had not worked according to ‘the BIM way.’ The entire rail environment of Geldermalsen was digital for us, even before the tender started.”

 - Dick Baars, Tender Manager at Dura Vermeer Infra Landelijke Projecten

“I have never seen anything like that in the tenders I've been through. In a seven-week period, we were able to tackle a complete Design & Construct stage at an unprecedented pace…The completeness of the model allows Dura Vermeer to more put energy into contract management.”

- Stephan Meijers, Process Manager for Dura Vermeer Infra 

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