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Civil 3D without BIM 360

Published on November 09, 2020

Using Civil 3D in a co-authoring environment

Since we know that you only have Civil 3D available to you, the diagram in the link below describes the part of the process that is relevant to you. The first thing that must happen is someone from IT needs to make sure the design team has the Autodesk software licenses they need and access to the network where all the files will be shared. Once the design teams have access to Civil 3D remotely, they can start co-authoring models by using Data Shortcuts through your network. Then you can coordinate and review the project with the team using shared views and marking-up views. When you have the design right where you want it, you can document the design.

Click here to view a diagram of this process.

IT Readiness

Make sure you have the tools you need

There are three parts to making sure the design team has the tools they need. First, you need to have the software downloaded. Next, you must ensure that the software can access a license. Finally, your network must be set up so that everyone on the design team has access to the design files.

Model Co-authoring 

Use Data Shortcut to share design data

There is a trick to allowing everyone to work in one design without overwriting what someone else has done. That is in using Data Shortcuts to access parts of the model someone else is responsible for.

Design Coordination and Review

Share Views

When you need to communicate with design team members that are not local to you, sharing views is an ideal way to do that.

Markup Views

This is especially helpful if they do not have access to the Civil 3D software. You will create 3D shared views where the user can investigate the model in the Autodesk Viewer.


Document the design

When you have the design right where you want it, you can document the design. Taking advantage of Sheet Set Manager can speed up the creation of plan and profile sheets.

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