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Building Design - MEP Engineering

Published on June 22, 2022

Drawing Production

The power of working with Revit is not only modeling elements in their full 3D splendor but also making the views of the model elements understandable and useful while you are designing and when you pass the information on to others. In this module you will learn how to set up views just the way you want them by working with filters in views, creating new system types and setting the colors, modifying the view overrides in linked files, setting up view templates, and creating a custom tag.

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Mechanical Design - Ductwork and Pipework

Ductwork and Piping are a necessity in building design. It allows you to deliver water and air to specific points in the structure. In this learning path, learn how to design sloped piping in Revit and how to work in tight spaces to make everything fit.

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MEP Model Analysis

Analyzing the needs of an MEP project as you are designing is an important part of using Revit. Learn how to set up the model using spaces and zones. Then learn how to run and troubleshoot Heating and Cooling Loads and Duct and Pipe Sizing.

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MEP Electrical Design

The Revit MEP Electrical learning path covers concepts and processes used by lighting and electrical engineers in building design.

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MEP Fabrication

Learn about item creation for fabrication. From creating items from scratch to creating items from existing items, you learn the full workflow. The first course focuses on Patterns and images. The second course walks you through creating product lists. The third course focuses on creating connectors.

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