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BIM Management

Published on June 22, 2022

BIM Execution Plan

Building Information Modeling is a complex subject. That does not mean it needs to be a complex process. Having a good BIM execution plan will help you better coordinate designs across disciplines and reduce design errors. Learn what you should consider as you develop your BIM execution plan.

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Coordination and Worksharing

Stay up to date on how all the disciplines' models work together with connected data and systems. This will help you unlock the capabilities to share and collaborate across the project lifecycle.

Learn more about coordination with non design software users         Learn more about coordination with Navisworks          Learn more about coordination with BIM 360          Learn more about coordination with Navisworks and BIM Collaborate

Conceptual Design - BIM Managers

Even though you do not do much design as a BIM Manager, you have a very important role to play during the design phase. It is your job to make sure that design changes are communicated to everyone and that everyone knows who is responsible for making those changes to the various project models.

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Communicate Design Intent - BIM Managers

Helping key stakeholders and the general public clearly understand the project scope can reduce project costs and help you win better work. Storytelling is an essential part of the visualization process, it excites the audience. Develop a process that starts by identifying audiences, the outcome they want to achieve for their visualization, and ensuring the outcomes are met. 

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BIM 360 Mobile

Learn the workflow for using the BIM 360 Mobile app on-site in the online and offline modes. We start by downloading the BIM 360 Mobile app and performing a design review on the tablet device using this app. Next, we create markups and issues using this app. Finally, we work with RFIs and checklists using the BIM 360 Mobile app.

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BIM Collaborate Pro

Learn how to use BIM Collaborate Pro for successful cloud projects. 

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First Steps as an Autodesk Account Admin

An Autodesk primary admin acts as the bridge between their company’s Autodesk products and services and the users within the company who need access to those products. Understanding the function of each product that your company has purchased ensures you can empower the users on your team by providing access to the correct software for their roles.

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