BIM 360 Field Update: Link Issues and Checklists to Equipment, & More!

by Krystian Macek on November 10, 2016

Upgraded Issues and Checklists

Among the vast safety, quality and commissioning capabilities in BIM 360 Field, the issues and checklists features are used by superintendents, project engineers, and the host of subcontractors executing work on the job site. Issues and checklists are extremely helpful for assigning and tracking work, ensuring proper installation of equipment, and keeping the job site safe. They are also helpful for standardizing processes in support of both quality and safety programs.

We recently added a number of enhancements to BIM 360 Field - both for the Web and iOS apps - including:

Pin issues from anywhere within BIM 360 Field mobile

  • View the originating source of an issue or checklist
  • Edit photo captions in the BIM 360 Field mobile Photo module
  • Linking existing issues and checklists to equipment and tasks
  • Adding Issue List by Location and Equipment List by Type as custom properties in reports

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