Autodesk Generative Design is Changing Paradigms in Design

by Brian Frank, Senior Simulation Product Line Manager on November 28, 2017

Many new technologies and products are announced at Autodesk University every year and 2017 was not an exception. One of the key topics for sure has been Generative Design. Back in June when we announced that a tech preview of the Autodesk Generative Design (AGD) service would be available to Netfabb Ultimate users, we were excited to hear from our users how AGD would both turbocharge and streamline their design processes. The results have blown us away.

At this year’s Autodesk University 2017, we announced the expansion of the AGD Tech Preview to include Fusion 360 Ultimate subscribers. We are very excited to gather feedback on design and process enhancements from Fusion Ultimate users.

Autodesk Generative Design enables the rapid creation and exploration of design options, empowering design teams to analyze the tradeoffs they could make along a price/performance curve. In the past, designers and engineers could explore two or three different designs and then, if afforded the time, run topology or lattice optimizations on their chosen solution to further refine the design. With AGD, users can literally generate hundreds of potential solutions to a design problem and explore the variations–including solutions that would be difficult to imagine without the aid of the machine.

Traditional optimization focuses on refining a known solution without any notion of manufacturability. By contrast, generative design helps augment the engineer, using the power of the cloud to explore a whole set of previously unknown solutions–and it comes with manufacturability preconfigured as part of the design criteria. The number of simulations engineers are required to run is greatly reduced on the chosen solution because simulation and optimization is built directly into the process.

Here’s what a one of our early adopters had to say about AGD:

“We subscribe to the ‘design thinking’ philosophy where quantity is valued over quality in the ideation phase and we think AGD is a HUGE leap forward in design,” said Kenny Cornett, owner of Innovation Forge. “With AGD, we have brought that philosophy to our CAD work and we can now identify form and function early on and use the natural synthesis from a multitude of design options to find the best path forward.”

“Autodesk Generative Design has opened up new worlds to us. We are now able to evaluate hundreds or even thousands of designs in the time it would have previously taken our design team to come up with ten. The results have been beyond our imaginations with organic-like forms that are difficult–or even impossible–to conceptualize with our previous tools. Autodesk is ahead of the curve with the first product like this on the market. Just like when AutoCAD was introduced 30 years ago, this new paradigm in design is just the beginning of an exciting era of new possibilities and outrageous results.”

The tech preview is available to all Fusion 360 Ultimate subscribers as of today. This entitlement is available to Enterprise Customers too as a benefit.

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