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Autodesk Account Admin

by Brought to you by the Customer Success Content Team at Autodesk on August 10, 2022

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    First Step as an Autodesk Account Administrator

    Understanding your role as an Autodesk Account Administrator will help you get up and running quickly with your new Autodesk subscription. Learn about the value you bring to your team and how to help them activate their software.

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    Be More Efficient as an Autodesk Account Administrator

    Manage subscriptions, renewals, and users more effectively as an Autodesk Account Administrator. Setting everyone up right out of the gate is one thing. But making sure that managing your Autodesk subscription does not take up all your time is another. In this Learning Path, learn how to manage your subscription effectively and spend less time doing it.

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    Integrate Your Autodesk Technology into Your Business

    Deploying your Autodesk software across all your teams ensures you get the maximum value from your purchase. In this learning path, you learn how to run advanced usage reportsgive access to software according to job rolesteach another person to take care of administrative duties, and redesign your workflow to accommodate new software additions to your subscription.

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    Autodesk Single Sign-on and User Provisioning Tools

    Autodesk SSO is a solution for managing and authenticating Autodesk User IDs across web-based desktop applications and services.  When enabling Autodesk SSO, users will only need to use their company credentials to access Autodesk software and services. This learning path explains the benefits of SSO, how to move multiple users to SSO and how to use Active Directory Sync.

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