Announcing Forge DevCon 2018

by Bastien Mazeran, Designated Support Specialist, at Autodesk on October 03, 2018

This will be my third Forge DevCon, and it’s always been a great conference to attend for many reasons:

  • It’s always a pleasure to talk with our Enterprise customers to hear about their industry challenges and how they are envisioning to solve them with Forge. Wouldn’t it be great if those ideas turned into Forge Success Stories?
  • I keep my Forge knowledge sharp by attending classes, demos and labs, ranging from technical deep dives to customer case studies and strategy. You can review this year’s classes by topics: Get to Know Forge | AEC |  Design & Manufacturing | Future |  Web Programming & Security
  • Attend the Keynotes to stay informed on the Forge strategy and roadmap. This year you will hear from Sam Ramji, Autodesk’s new Vice President for Cloud Platforms and Brian Roepke, Senior Director for Forge Product Management, about their plans for the future of the Forge platform.
  • Walking to the Forge partners pavilion is always worthwhile to see the creative solutions our partners and system integrators have come up with using the Forge APIs, I also always make sure to stop by the Amazon Web Services booth to get answers on Cloud deployments and how best to secure the Forge apps.
  • Last but not least, it’s a great way to meet in-person with the Forge experts and establish great connections (you are only as smart as your team is).

Forge DevCon is taking place a day before Autodesk University in Las Vegas and spreads over two days (November 12th and 13th). Here is a synopsis of the three available registration options you can choose from:

To get your tickets, please follow this link.

Please note, that this year, Forge DevCon and Connect & Construct Summit have come together. Now you can take advantage of more classes than ever before. Register once and choose from a broad selection of keynotes, workshops and classes.

This year, members of the Enterprise Priority and Forge team will be there ready to answer your Forge questions in the Enterprise lounge, we are also hosting exclusive Enterprise events and classes.

Still haven’t decided? There are other blog posts you should read to hear about other Autodeskers’ perspectives on why it’s worthwhile to attend Forge DevCon 2018.

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Thank you for reading and looking forward to seeing many of you in Las Vegas DevCon!

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