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Advanced Manufacturing and Machining Automation

Published on June 22, 2022

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    Fundamentals of FeatureCAM

    FeatureCAM CNC programming software uses manufacturing knowledge to intelligently make decisions, produce results, and remove repetitive processes. Use it to standardize best practices and quality standards, and promote repeatability between all employees using the same setup.

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    Fundamentals of PowerInspect

    PowerInspect® 3D measurement software offers a powerful way to inspect, validate, and manage quality for all measurement equipment. It includes comprehensive inspection tools that measure parts while they’re still in On Machine Verification (OMV).

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    Fundamentals of PowerMill

    PowerMill® CAM software provides expert CNC programming strategies for complex 3- and 5-axis manufacturing. Use it to reduce programming times with rapid toolpath calculation.

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    Fundamentals of PowerShape - Manufacturing CAD Software

    PowerShape CAD software combines surface, solid, and mesh modeling to help engineers prepare molds, dies, and other complex parts for manufacture. This module explores the essential skills of PowerShape for new users and trialists.

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