A New Year’s Resolution - Kickstart your Autodesk Forge application development

by Stephen Preston, Senior Manager DevTech Worldwide and Paul Levinson, Technology and Cloud Lead on January 16, 2018

Attending a Forge Accelerator is a great opportunity for your software development team to learn and work intensively on a Forge-based project with one-on-one support and advice from Autodesk Forge API experts. If you have an idea for a new web or mobile application based on Autodesk Forge APIs, or you need help getting an existing application working, then come along to the event in the location most convenient to you. There is no cost to attend the Accelerator other than your own travel and living expenses. However, we do ask that you submit a proposal as part of your application so that we can verify that the intended use of the Autodesk Forge APIs in your project is feasible.

Join us at an upcoming event:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 10-12 (3 days)

Boston, USA, April 30-May 4 

Bengaluru, India, May 7-10 (4 days)

Barcelona, SpainJune 11-15

San Francisco, USA, June 18-22 (dedicated to the Forge App Framework API Beta)

Sydney, Australia, July 9-12 (4 days)

For more information or to submit your proposal, please visit the Forge Accelerator website.

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