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Adoption Accelerators
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Available for Premium and Enterprise plans

Quick, personalized coaching from Autodesk experts

Adoption Accelerators are live coaching sessions designed to quickly upskill your project teams. Unlike traditional picks-and-clicks training, these easy-to-schedule sessions are tailored for your team’s focus areas and common use cases.

How we help your team adopt new technology,
features, and workflows:

“Introductions” help your team get familiar with new technologies and features

“How Tos” help your team adopt more efficient and effective workflows

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Popular Accelerators


How to: Use checklists in the field with BIM 360 Build

Learn what to do before going into the field, how to use pre-punch checklists on a mobile device, and how to record to-dos and defects using BIM 360 Build.
Building Design

How to: Create issues and manage documents in BIM 360 Docs

Learn how to log issues when reviewing documents on site, how documents are approved and sent, and how to use record documents in the field.
Civil Engineering

How to: Connect ArcGIS data to InfraWorks and Civil 3D

Learn how to connect GIS data with the BIM methodology, how GIS data is stored, and how to connect GIS data to Autodesk technology with Autodesk Connector.

Introduction to: Digital factory design

Get familiar with digital factory design workflows in AutoCAD®, Inventor®, and Vault®.
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